RePower Alberta: Building the Green Energy Economy - UPDATED

April 23, 2010 - 1:00am

Do you think you have to choose between a great job and a healthy environment for your children? You don’t have to!

Learn the facts about Alberta’s potential for a green collar economy and how we can work together to put the power back in the hands of Albertans!

Alberta can build a strong economy while maintaining a healthy environment. By shifting towards a just, clean energy economy we not only make our communities more resilient and healthy, we also diversify and strengthen our economy. We create good green jobs for Albertans that secures a future for all of us in the process.

Join speakers and experts for an evening discussion on green jobs, renewable energy, and how we can unleash Alberta's true potential.

A better Alberta is possible. Now let's start building it…

Great New Jobs + A Healthy Environment = Real Prosperity for Alberta!

What: RePower Alberta: Putting Power Back into the Hands of Albertans, the kick-off event for Alberta’s first annual green jobs tour!
When: Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day), 2010, 7:00pm
Where: Room D308, Grande Prairie Regional College

Speakers will include:

  • Valerie V. Gilson, Executive Director of Peace Energy Cooperative
  • Randyn Seibold, Entrepreneur, Renewable REcruits
  • Yvonne Peterson, Industry & Continuing Ed Green Building Program, Fairview Campus
  • Sheryle Carlson, Associate Director, Sierra Club of Canada Prairie Chapter
  • Mike Hudema, Green Peace Energy Campaigner

Event Sponsored by:

  • SPOC (Start Protecting Our Communities - Grande Prairie)
  • Greenpeace Canada
  • Sierra Club of Canada - Prairie Chapter
  • Solar Eden Project

More Details on the Speakers

Valerie V. Gilson, Executive Director of Peace Energy Cooperative, will be sharing the success story of the Peace Energy Cooperative and the great initiatives happening in Dawson Creek. The basic concept for Peace Energy Cooperative was conceived early 2002. Two Dawson Creek businessmen with a keen interest in renewable energy and energy conservation, Don Pettit and Paul Kurjata, realized the potential for wind energy in the Peace River Country. The Peace is rich in fossil fuels that are extracted by a handful of giant and mostly multi-national companies. Pettit and Kurjata argued that as a cooperative, Peace Energy can pool resources and expertise from local people who can then actually own some of this this new resource industry in the Peace Region. She will also talk about their Bear Mountain Wind Project and more.

Randyn Seibold, Entrepreneur, Renewable REcruits, will present on a report on the clean energy 'industry hot-spots' around Canada, and what some of the most sought-after professionals are.

Sheryle Carlson, Associate Director of Sierra Club Prairie Chapter & Mike Hudema, Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace Canada, will present on the RePower Alberta Campaign and give an overview of the renewable energy potential in the province, how our energy demands can be met by clean energy and create good green jobs, and some of the great initiatives taking place across Canada and the world.

Yvonne Peterson, Industry & Continuing Ed, Fairview Campus will give an introduction to the GPRC Fairview Campus and its Green Building Summer course cluster.


Room D308
Grande Prairie Regional College
Grande Prairie , AB