Reframed Tech Series: Heat pumps & deep retrofits

May 27, 2020 - 11:30am to 1:00pm

This webinar is part of Pembina Institute's Reframed Tech Series

Making our homes future-ready calls for rapid scale-up, and retrofitting homes with high-efficiency, low-carbon heating systems is key. In combination with an air-tight, well-insulated building envelope, heat pumps can provide more comfortable and efficient heating than combustion or radiant heating, and they can run on clean electricity.

Join our second webinar to hear from leaders in heat pump retrofit solutions. Learn about projects underway and ask burning questions about challenges unique to retrofitting heating systems.

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  • Jordan Fisher, president, FRESCo Building Efficiency
  • Jay Jagpal, principal and sales engineer, Olympic International
  • Don Curry, managing partner, Alterna
  • Thomas Barr, chief innovation officer, Alterna

Moderator: Betsy Agar, senior analyst, Pembina Institute