Redefining the Utility Industry: What is Possible in Alberta?

January 29, 2010 - 2:00am

Free presentation and discussion

With Gary Holden, President and CEO, ENMAX Corporation

The rules of the game are changing fast for utilities. We are now in a carbonconstrained world with traditional resources increasingly revealing their limitations. At the same time unprecedented opportunities are opening for embracing new renewable technologies in Alberta. There are also greater options for both supply-side and demand-side peak power management. Smart grid technology, utility inter-active micro-generators and a multitude of possibilities for conserving energy and increasing efficiency are all now available to Alberta utilities. Mr. Holden will be discussing the innovative programs that ENMAX is embracing while looking at the realities and choices for the industry as a whole.

Mr. Gary Holden is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ENMAX Corporation. He serves as a director on each of the ENMAX Boards, the Canadian Electricity Association, the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, Climate Change Central and the Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation. Gary is known as a businessman with a keen interest in the environment and his dream is to redefine the utility industry to include environmental technologies as a mainstream offering from the local utility.

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Engineering Building ETLC 1-001
University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB