REAP First Thursday: Green Business Networking Event

February 4, 2010 - 9:00pm to 11:00pm

Are you looking to meet green business leaders in the Calgary area?

Then join us on the first Thursday of each month for our green business networking event.

It’s an informal gathering where people running environmentally and socially responsible businesses can come to have a drink, meet new people and share ideas about sustainable business.

Come learn how collectively we are building a green local economy.

There is no cost to attend — just show up, participate, and buy your own drinks.

On February 4, Dean Halstead, master mattress maker, will be there. 

He welcomes the opportunity to chat with you about how his newest venture, Calgary Mattress Factory, is making a difference in the Calgary community and how you might be able to collaborate.

Here are just some of the reasons why Calgary Mattress Factory is in our member spotlight this month:

  • Dean is working to change the way Canadians view value added elements of mattresses so that they can make smarter, more sustainable purchases. 
  • Dean has made over 65,000 mattresses during his career as a mattress maker. Although he started in a conventional mattress factory, his frustration with greenwashing in the industry led him to develop his own radical design process. He is energized by the opportunity to build non toxic, non disposable mattresses. 
  • Dean invites peer critique and learning opportunities. He joined REAP not only for the marketing programs but also for the chance to be part of a community of green business operators. 
  • Dean can help businesses think about the sustainability of their processes and not just their products. 
  • Dean would like to know how to make sustainable products and superior processes sexier to the average consumer. He would like to share ideas with you on how to do this. 

Come meet Dean and other business leaders on February 4 at Cafe Koi and see how together we are building a more sustainable city.


Cafe Koi
1011 1 Street SW
Calgary , AB