Re-imagining Existing Buildings Through Sustainable Retrofits

November 25, 2010 - 2:00am

Free presentation and discussion. No registration required. Free refreshments at 6:30 pm +

Reimagine, a Manasc Isaac Architects initiative, was developed in response to aging and failing exterior building envelope systems. The aim is to preserve and renew existing buildings, protect the investments and assets of building owners, reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, while enhancing the environment for occupants. The key to reimagining buildings is to view the building and its systems in an integrated way, and allow for outside-the-box solutions. This talk will outline how the reimagine process has helped improve existing buildings, save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

Shafraaz Kaba is an architect and partner in the firm Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta. Shafraaz is also a founding Member of the Media, Art and Design Exposed (M.A.D.E.) in Edmonton Society which creates public programs that bring design, art and architecture to the public. He is a year-round bicycle commuter.


CN Theatre Rm 5-142 (105 Street Building)
Grant MacEwan University – City Centre Campus (105 Street and 104 Avenue)
Edmonton , AB