Rally! No Tar Sands, No Pipeline, No Tankers - No Problem!

October 16, 2010 - 7:00pm

Solidarity Rally!

No Tar Sands, No Tankers, No Pipeline, No Problem - Clean Energy Now!

Stand in solidarity with communities from Alberta to the BC coast fighting the Tar Sands, the most environmentally devastating project in human history. There will be rallies happening on October 16th and 17th in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and in Prince George to send the message loud and clear that the extraction and transportation of dirty oil is not the answer!

The Enbridge pipeline would carry tar sands crude oil from Alberta to Kitimat and the coastal waters of BC. The pipeline is estimated to cross over 1000 rivers and streams and would result in tanker traffic through the Douglas Channel putting the sensitive eco-system in jeopardy. Much of the pipeline route, and the entire oil tanker route, are through lands and waters where indigenous nations have never signed treaties with Canada.

In Alberta we bear the brunt of tar sands strip mining and insitu operations. Poisoned rivers, increase health problems, and a toxic legacy of waste and green house gas emissions are left behind for local people while, big oil takes away their profits. It is time to say no more to these problems and demand a halt to new tar sands developments now!

People from coast to coast will be demanding an end to the destruction and a renewable energy path for the future where communities from the tar sands to the coastline would not be unnecessarily made into sacrifice zones.

Come out on Saturday October 16th and show your solidarity - No Tar Sands, No Tankers, No Pipeline, No Problem! Spread the Word!!


McIntyre (Gazebo) Park
83 Avenue & 104 Street
Edmonton , AB