Pesticide Party Happy Hour

July 30, 2008 - 1:00am to 2:00am

99% pest-free, and no dandelions allowed.

You are cordially invited to the July 29 Pesticide Party Happy Hour, where complimentary "Connelly Cocktails" of Killex®500 will be served in honour of Alderman Joe Connelly's recent statement that there is "lack of scientific evidence to prove the negative impact of pesticides".

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a FREE Pesticide Shooter (or two). Get your very own "I am Joe Connelly's Guinea Pig" iron-on decal!

*Feel reassured that a 1 oz. shooter is a carcinogenic raindrop compared to the 19,000 litres poured on our public parks from 05-07. Besides, Joe Connelly says it's okay, and Joe is 10x smarter than The Canadian Cancer Society.

Six new members will be inducted into the Carcinogenic Community Hall of Shame:

  • Joe Connelly
  • Linda Fox-Mellway
  • Andre Chabot
  • Gord Lowe
  • Ray Jones
  • Diane Colley-Urquhart

These Aldermen voted AGAINST the phase-out of carcinogenic pesticides in Calgary, if you can believe it. Yes, I know this is not 1950. I am sorry I have no explanation. Maybe they have stock in Killex®500? Luckily the phase-out bylaw passed anyway, so let's party!

There will be a brief "Poetry Reading" of the Killex®500 LABEL, but we're sure it won't be very interesting.

See you on Tuesday, Pesticide Partygoers, and "Congratulations" Hall-of-Shamers!

This event sponsored by the Daughters, Sisters, and Friends of cancer survivors


Museo Poco, diminutive window gallery
924 17th Avenue SW
Calgary , AB