People's Assembly for Climate Justice

December 5, 2010 - 8:00pm to 11:00pm

During the next major round of climate negotiations in Cancun Mexico (November 29th to December 10th), People's Assemblies on Climate Justice (PACJ) will be taking place across Canada. PACJ are movement-building and organizing events. The focus is on dialogue and transforming awareness into action through community-based climate justice actions.

Why wait for governments to take action?

Join us! Learn and Participate in open dialogue about the global impacts of climate justice and the local actions you can take! Connect with your fellow citizens, get engaged in grassroots discussions, and talk about how to create change despite government, media and societal barriers. It is the collective voice of people that can help make climate justice a reality.

It’s a potluck!! Please bring a dish to share with 3 people (note: there is no oven or kitchen at this venue)

For More Information contact:

Alana-Dawn Eirikson
(P)403.440.8779 ( Email) [email protected]


Memorial Park Library
1221 2nd Street SW
Calgary , AB