No New Approvals Business Challenge

August 11, 2008 - 6:00pm

No New Approvals

Divide and conquer! Groups will comb Calgary to get businesses (retailers, restaurants, cafés, doctors/dentists' offices, accounting firms, any business!) to sign on to the No New Approvals pledge on Tar Sands production.

Groups will be provided with a script, background information on the tar sands, petition sheets and signs. We will also be providing business challenge t-shirts to wear!

Raise awareness about the Tar Sands as you go!

When? Monday, August 11. Meet up at 12pm inside Eau Claire Market in front of the Bean Stop to get instructions, info and meet your teammates, then depart at 1pm to the various locations. Meet back at Eau Claire Market at 3pm for snacks and awesome PRIZES!

  • Sign up as an individual OR as a group!
  • Open to Everyone!

For more information or to sign up, contact Anna, Devon or Peter!

Anna (403) 542-1459, sunlove88[email protected]
Devon (403) 255-2407, [email protected]
Peter (403) 243-4302, [email protected]

It’s Time to Stop and Think!

Run-away development of the Alberta tar sands is causing growing concern not only in response to environmental devastation, but also for their negative social and economic impacts. The Alberta economy is overheated, and we are experiencing high inflation, increasing labour shortages as well as shortages in affordable housing. We are seeing heightened stress on essential services, infrastructure, businesses and business owners, and employers.

In the midst of an unstable energy dependent economy, and with environmental and social problems increasing exponentially, I would like to extend an open invitation for you and your business to sign the no new approvals for tar sands development pledge.

As signatories of the pledge, we are calling, with one voice, for Alberta to take the first step towards a cessation of new tar sands approvals and lease sales. The time is now to stop the uncontrolled tar sands development and deal with the environmental and social concerns that it has created.

Regardless of the reason, there is one thing all our signatories agree on - the first step is to stop adding to the problem.

We, the undersigned, represent diverse interests but we share a common concern about the future of Alberta. We do not represent a single group and/or faction of the population- instead, we are composed of individuals, groups, organizations and businesses and we represent environmental, social, conservation, labour, health, treaty rights, forestry, land use, humanitarian, water and economic concerns. The linking factor is that we are united in our concern about the impact that rampant development of the tar sands is having on all areas of the province and beyond.

Please stand with us and demand no new approvals for tar sands development.

Visit for more information.


Eau Claire Market
200 Barclay Parade SW (meet in front of the Bean Stop, depart to various locations)
Calgary , AB