The New Sustainable Home — Going Beyond Green: Building Holistic, Healthy, Traditional Earth Buildings

June 16, 2010 - 12:30am to 3:30am

Marcus McCabe, director of Hempire Building Materials is an accomplished scientist, plasterer, hemp-lime builder, straw bale builder and Permaculturalist who has been researching experimental building materials since the early nineties. He is going to be in Calgary this month speaking at an information/ Q&A evening for both public and industry interested in sustainable building technologies for both residential and commercial applications. 

$15.00 (Calgary Dollars accepted)

For Tickets Call: 403.452.1001 or email [email protected] or purchase online at Limited tickets available at the door

More information on speakers:


Marcus McCabe B.Ag.Sc. Building a Sustainable Future with Hemp-Lime Construction

Marcus McCabe is Director of Hempire Building Materials. He is one of the leading experts on Hemp-Lime construction and this is his first visit to North America, with Calgary his only stop.

Marcus will share his understand of hemp buildings, project applications, the environmental impacts of hemp and the supply chain of field to form. He will
talk about the amazing opportunity to build with hemp in Canada and touch
on some of his work with the Dublin Institute of Technology and Enterprise

Shayne Korithoski A Holistic Approach to Green Building: Finding Sustainability in the Built Environment

The building industry has undergone tremendous transformation over the last
eight years, due in part to certification systems such as LEED and BuiltGreen,
which are generating greater awareness among building professionals as well
as consumers about the environmental and health concerns surrounding what
we build with and how we do it. But have the new initiatives really provided the
dramatic improvements that are needed, and are they keeping up with new
research and technology?

Shayne will explore the need to go one step further. Shayne will examine
building from a more holistic perspective, with special emphasis on the Living
Building Challenge.


3rd Floor, Calgary Public Library
616 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary , AB