Involving the Public in Environmental Planning: The Edmonton Citizens' Panel

From the Way We Green Speaker Series website:

Addressing our toughest environmental problems requires action by all parts of society and wisdom from all parts of society. But how can the voices of diverse citizens become a meaningful and constructive part of environmental decision making?

The Citizens' Panel on Edmonton's Energy and Climate Challenges (2012) provides clues. This Panel gathered 56 randomly selected and attitudinally diverse Edmontonians who, after six days of deliberation, agreed by strong majorities on recommendations to Edmonton City Council and Administration describing how and why the city should become low carbon by 2050.

In this session, a researcher of public involvement (Dr. David Kahane, Alberta Climate Dialogue), an innovation leader (Fiona Cavanagh, Centre for Public Involvement), and three citizens who took part in the the Panel (Scott Hannah, Gerard MacLellan, and Christine Tucker) discuss the Panel process, its recommendations, and lessons learned.

Light refreshments provided. Registration is recommended.


Edmonton City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton , AB