Influence the future of Jasper National Park: Annual Planning Forum

November 27, 2009 - 12:00am to 4:00am

CPAWS Northern Alberta is inviting you to join us at...

Parks Canada's Jasper National Park Annual Planning Forum

Thursday, November 26, 2009

  • 5 - 7:00 pm Open House
  • 7-8:15pm Presentations
    • Year in Review
    • Parks Management Plan Review
    • Q&A Discussion Session
  • 8:15-9:00pm Open House continues 

Parks Canada is preparing a new management plan for our National Parks that will guide its activities for the next ten to fifteen years. This plan is important for Jasper National Park. It will also set the direction that could be taken for all of the other Rocky Mountain parks, including Banff National Park.

CPAWS welcomes some of the direction in the new Parks Management Plan, but is also concerned about some of its content. The good news is that the draft plan emphasizes the goal of maintaining Jasper's special wilderness values and showcasing its conservation innovations. The plan also gives weight to increasing educational opportunities for park visitors to learn more about Jasper’s spectacular ecosystems.

However, CPAWS is concerned that the draft plan also states that Parks Canada’s goal is to increase Jasper National Park visitation by two percent per year for the next three years. And it envisions offering new “non-traditional activities” to attract more visitors.

What's the Problem?

  1. CPAWS NAB is concerned that this will put additional stress on an ecosystem already stressed by yearly increasing visitor numbers.
  2. The draft plan opens the door to new development to accommodate non-traditional activities, and to altering wilderness zone boundaries to accommodate the new developments. Altering wilderness zone boundaries goes against Parks Canada's original intention of protecting sensitive areas.

The Solution

Canada’s national parks have a proud reputation as world leaders in protecting the integrity of the ecosystems within their borders. We need to keep it this way.

  1. Parks Canada should be encouraging people to visit our national parks to develop their love of nature and an ethic of environmental stewardship. More visitor programs that are sensitive to maintaining the ecological integrity of our parks would be a welcome direction.
  2. Developing educational programs within our national parks, especially during off peak season, would also be a good way to foster love of Canada’s wild nature in new generations of visitors.
  3. CPAWS also believes that it is critical that we maintain rigorous scientific programs in our parks to monitor the health of their ecosystems, and respond to threats with innovative solutions.

Speak Your Mind

Please Join us at the forum tomorrow where you will learn about the updated Jasper National Park management plan and to discuss proposed new directions for the Park directly with Parks Canada staff.

NOTE: The Draft Plan can be obtained at Parks Canada.

Parks Canada also has an our management plan review website. To access the Website, e-mail [email protected]. You will receive a password and further instructions to log on.

For more information contact CPAWS at 780-432-0967 or [email protected].


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