Healthy Waters Open House and Speaker Series 2021

June 2, 2021 - 6:00pm

Join us for an exciting evening learning about and discussing the health of our lakes and watersheds! Each evening will feature a number of displays and resources on lake, shoreline, and watershed science and stewardship, and amazing guest speakers! All open houses will begin at 6:00 pm.

All open houses will be held in-person if possible within Alberta Health COVID-19 guidelines. They will also be made available on-line, and will be held entirely on-line if an in-person event is not possible.

To register, and for more information, please see the Healthy Waters Lac La Biche Facebook page, or contact [email protected].

Date & Location Featured Speakers
June 2
Lac La Biche, Bold Centre

Jay White, M.Sc., Aquality Environmental Consulting - Jay White is the principal researcher at Aquality Environmental Consulting, and is a certified Alberta Professional Biologist. He has worked with Ducks Unlimited Canada on wetland restoration, as a research associate at the University of Alberta, and as the Land-Aquatic Program Administrator for the Sustainable Forest Management Network. Jay currently sits on the Alberta Water Council representing the Lake Environmental Conservation Sector. He has been involved with the Provincial Water Strategy (Water for Life) since its creation, and is involved with several non-profit groups such as the Alberta Lake Management Society, Inside Education, Ducks Unlimited Canada, and Trout Unlimited Canada. Jay will be speaking on “Does My Shoreline Really Matter?”, discussing the implications of how each one of us manage the shorelines that we are responsible for.

Janine Higgins, B.Sc., Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) - Janine Higgins is an engagement and education specialist with Alberta Environment and Parks. She has spent over 10 years supporting many fish, wildlife and water education projects with the department, and takes any opportunity she can (whether it’s for work or play) to get outdoors! Join her to learn more about what actions you can take to protect the health of your lake! She will be presenting on “Lakes 101”.

July 7
Plamondon Festival Centre

Dörte Köster, Ph.D., Associated Environmental Consultants (AE) - Dörte Köster is a Senior Aquatic Scientist at AE. She has extensive experience in monitoring, analyzing and summarizing lake and river water quality in Alberta and elsewhere. She has supported municipal, provincial and federal government agencies as well as watershed and lake stewardship groups as a scientific advisor for surface water quality assessments and management. For example, she led technical studies at Pigeon Lake, AB, to investigate nutrient sources and their role in the development of harmful algae blooms. She has studied numerous other lakes and ponds in Alberta and across Canada, including an investigation of nuisance algae in a residential stormwater pond. She serves on the editorial board of the journal “Lake and Reservoir Management”, and is currently President of the Alberta Lake Management Society.

August 4
Owl River Recreation Centre

Stefanie Fenson, B.Sc., Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) - Stefanie Fenson is a Senior Biologist with the ACA, primarily working in the Land Program, and has coordinated riparian projects across the province. As a recognized land trust, ACA holds title and manages over 200,000 acres of conservation lands that are open to the public on foot, for activities like hunting, fishing, and hiking. Lands are managed with a recognition that various stakeholders are not mutually exclusive and finding a balance is the key to great stewardship. Stefanie will be presenting on the theme of “Connecting land and water: Healthy riparian areas”. The Owl River is the primary spawning river for Lac La Biche walleye, and while walleye populations appear to be recovering, there is still more work to do. This presentation will focus on ACA’s riparian projects, the tools we have available to help landowners and leaseholders reach their conservation goals, and their current projects on the Owl River.

Kerri O’Shaughnessy, B.Sc., Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows & Fish) - Kerri O’Shaughnessy is a Riparian Specialist with Cows & Fish. In this role she works with a variety of landowners and organizations to better understand riparian areas - the highly productive, sensitive but resilient water loving zones of the landscape – and the benefits they provide, as well as acknowledging that living, working and playing near water is not without its challenges. Continuing with the theme of “Connecting land and water: Healthy riparian areas”, Kerri will present on a variety of riparian management options, techniques and principles relevant to agriculture, lake living, and living with beavers.  It will also highlight how to see if riparian areas are healthy and performing all of the valuable functions they can do for us. 

September 1
Hylo-Venice Agriplex

Kristen Anderson, B.Sc., Associated Environmental Consultants (AE) - Kristen is a wetland scientist, restoration ecologist and certified professional in erosion control with 23 years of experience in consulting. She specializes in wetland construction and design, stream restoration and slope stabilization. She has taught wetland courses at the University of Alberta for the past 11 years including a course in wetland assessment and a course in wetland restoration and construction.  She also teaches stream bank restoration workshops for AE. Kristen will present on nature-based solutions for protecting source water, including wetland restoration for improving water quality and flooding, and soil bioengineering to reduce erosion. It will include an overview of techniques, case studies, design and constructability considerations.

Kellie Nichiporik, B.Sc., Lakeland Agricultural Research Association (LARA) - Kellie has served as the Environmental Program Manager at LARA for over 11 years, where she assists agricultural producers in the Lakeland region regarding various environmental issues. This includes topics such as Environmental Farm Plans, climate change, stewardship programs and strategies, wetland restoration, waste management, and riparian health assessments. She also helps producers create integrated pest management strategies and implement best management practices (BMPs) into their operations. Kellie authors the newsletter “The Verdant Element”, and is the Chair of the Moose Lake Watershed Society. She has a Bachelor’s from the University of Alberta in Agriculture and Animal Science, and Environmental Resource Management Certification.



October 6
Craigend Hall

Caleb Sinn, B.Sc., Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) - Caleb’s passion for freshwater ecology developed after spending many summers throughout his childhood at Gull Lake, exploring Alberta’s mountain national parks, and fishing in southern British Columbia. He started working for the ALMS as technician in the summer of 2019. Caleb became the ALMS Program Manager in early 2020, where he enjoys analyzing and reporting data about Alberta's lakes, coordinating lake monitoring activities throughout the province, and working with amazing volunteers. Caleb will be presenting on “Satellite-Derived Cyanobacteria Bloom Monitoring for Alberta Lakes”. In 2020, a multi-stakeholder working group collaborated to develop a tool to visualize cyanobacteria abundance at Pigeon Lake using satellite data. As the project progresses, additional metrics will be developed that describe how these blooms function, and additional lakes will be included. This includes Lac La Biche lake, and so those interested in the lake and its watershed will be able to use this tool to learn more about its cyanobacteria blooms, and how different management initiatives may impact their prevalence. 

Tricia Fleming, DVM, M.Sc. and Rachel Bates, B.Sc., LICA - LICA is a community-based not-for-profit association that is a Synergy Group, the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council and an Airshed Zone.  LICA focuses on environmental monitoring, environmental management, and community education and outreach. Through the Water for Life Strategy (2003), LICA leads planning and water education opportunities for the Beaver River Watershed, including the development of an Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Rachel Bates is the Education and Outreach Coordinator at LICA. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2020. Tricia Fleming is LICA’s Environmental Coordinator, with training in environment and sustainability, wildlife/ecosystem health-focused veterinary science, and biology. 



Bold Centre
Lac La Biche , AB