Habitat Matters: Habitat laws, challenges and new directions

November 28, 2019 - 12:00pm

Join the ELC for a webinar on its Habitat reports on November 28, 2019 at noon


From the ELC website:

Habitat is essential to the survival of all species. Our activities across the landscape have a significant impact on the habitat of other species. As the human footprint has expanded, we have seen habitat degradation and destruction and its resulting negative impact on species abundance and distribution.

Habitat laws and regulation are a central component to how we start to address this human footprint. The Environmental Law Centre’s (ELC) four-volume series provides a review of habitat law and policy in Alberta. These reports provide a review of statutes that can be used for habitat management and protection in the province; identify legislative barriers to effective habitat management and protection; consider approaches in other jurisdictions; and identify a path forward for improving laws and regulations for habitat outcomes.

The volumes are as follows:

The focus of this four-part series is on the “management” and “protection” of habitat. As such, it aims to cover not only prohibitions in law that may serve to “protect” habitat, but also discretionary decisions that can be used to manage habitat in a way that is responsive to science and known habitat factors. As well, this series of reports looks at codified aspects of habitat management and protection. While policy is often relevant, these reports only highlight certain policies to provide broader context.

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