Go with the Flow! River Rally 2009

September 29, 2009 - 6:00am to October 1, 2009 - 6:00am

Please Join Us…
A Gathering of Alberta Watershed Protectors
September 29th to October 1st

“When the well’s dry,” Benjamin Franklin noted 250 years ago, “we know the worth of water.”

Who should be there?

you’re involved with one of Alberta’s Watershed Planning and Advisory
Councils, a local watershed group, a land trust or other conservation
organization…if you fish, paddle, boat or hike… if you’re a land owner,
business owner, farmer or rancher…if you’re working for environmental
justice, public health or safe drinking water…if you’re a member of a
First Nation, elected leader or government agency official…or you’re
someone who just believes in the importance of clean, safe water and a
healthy environment, then you are part of the watershed community — and
you belong with your friends at the 2009 River Rally hosted by Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and the Watershed Protectors Program now in partnership with Suncor.

What is a River Rally?

on a concept developed by the River Network in Portland, Oregon, a
River Rally is an “opportunity to share, learn, network, re-energize,
celebrate, and join forces” with a hundred or more of your fellow
watershed protectors! The event will start with a splash as
participants take to the river for a “raft ‘n learn” water science
session. The Rally will then continue with two days of hands-on, useful
workshops lead by some of North America’s foremost experts – including
Eric Eckl of Water Words that Work, Wendy Wilson of The River Network
and Jane Zyang of Tech Soup Canada.

Topics include
communicating with ‘water words that work’, ‘how to’ community
engagement and practical tips on how to use and acquire technology that
supports water campaigns. Equally important, participants will have the
chance to meet each other face-to-face, swap stories and strategies or
trials and triumphs and share their passion for safeguarding the
province’s most precious resource.

Don’t miss the boat! To find out more, click here. Early bird registration fees are available until the end of the month!

Giving Green...

Ecotrust Foundation funds non-profit organizations working on
environmental projects in Alberta. Every year, we receive dozens of
applications asking us to support efforts to protect Alberta's air,
water, wildlife and wilderness. While we are able to fund many of these
worthy projects, we lack the resources to support all that we would
like to. Our success ultimately depends on the commitment and
involvement of individuals and corporations. Please consider a donation
to Alberta Ecotrust Foundation. All contributions are tax deductible.



Devon Community Centre
20 Haven Avenue
Devon , AB