The Global Ecological Crisis: Setting the Real Bottom Line — David Suzuki with David Schindler

October 31, 2013 - 1:00am

Public lecture: Dr. David Suzuki, CC, OBC, PhD

In the past century, humanity has undergone an explosive change in numbers, science, technology, consumption and economics, that have endowed us with the power to alter the biological, physical and chemical properties of the planet. It is undeniable that the atmosphere and climate are altered; air, water and soil are fouled with toxic pollutants; oceans are depleted; forests are being cleared; and species are disappearing. Now that most people live in large cities, our relationship with nature is less obvious. Humanity needs to rediscover humility and our place in the world so that we and the rest of life can continue to flourish.

Discussion with Dr. David Schindler to follow.


Myer Horowitz Theatre, University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB