Getting to a Net Zero Energy Lifestyle in Canada

November 5, 2009 - 2:00am

Utilizing Solar Energy for Shelter, Mobility and Food


Montreal architect Sevag Pogharian is pushing the borders of net zero buildings by creating the Alstonvale Net Zero House which strives to:

  • generate all the energy required for the household’s domestic needs;
  • generate all the energy required for the household’s local transportation needs;
  • integrate homescale agriculture in order to displace the industrial food system and enhance a household’s food energy balance.

“If designed intelligently, a house can be the enabling backbone that supports a household’s needs for shelter, mobility, and food solely through a reliance on solar energy and without any associated GHG emissions.”

Sevag Pogharian is principal and founder of SEVAG POGHARIAN DESIGN (SPD), a Montreal-based architectural and general contracting firm specializing in housing. SPD has evolved, since its inception in 1990, from solely an architectural to a design-build bridging the domains of architecture and construction with the belief that being a builder makes for a better architect and vice versa.

Free presentation and discussion. Free refreshments at 6:30pm 

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