EFCL Green Challenge Presents Going Green and the Solar Energy Movement

November 22, 2009 - 2:00am

We invite our league members and the general public to join us in an informative and entertaining evening at Riverdale Hall which has already undergone retrofits and continues its commitment to lower its carbon footprint.

Free evening includes door prizes, information booths, great advice, refreshments, wine & cheese before & after the presentations.  PLEASE BE GREEN AND BRING YOUR OWN CUP AND PLATE!!

  • Doors:  6:30 pm
  • Program:  7:00 pm
    • CO2RE tantalizes leagues with the $5000 prize to be awarded in April
    • Aspen Gardens Goes Solar (to be confirmed)
    • Edmonton Solar Energy Society presents
    • Gordon Howell presents on the Green Movement, Solar Energy, and the Energy Grid
Gordon Howell, from the Edmonton Solar Energy Society will share his experience on the Green Movement, Solar Energy, and the Energy Grid. Mr. Howell will take the example of Riverdale Hall and elucidate how to create a Net Zero Energy footprint.

See you there!


Riverdale Community Hall
9321 100 Avenue
Edmonton , AB