Drawdown Alberta: Crowdsolving solutions to climate change

March 25, 2021 - 7:00pm

This workshop is part of the Moving Mountains Climate Confluence, a satellite event of the 2021 Calgary Climate Symposium

This workshop provides an introduction to Project Drawdown: "the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse climate change". Project Drawdown is a solutions-focussed, evidence-based organization that has undertaken far-reaching, in depth research and analysis to provide detailed information about the most impactful ways to achieve "Drawdown" - defined as "the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline". This positive, solutions-based approach has led to Drawdown communities emerging around the world. You will be introduced to the newly formed Drawdown Alberta community and their vision, still taking shape, for how local, impactful Drawdown solutions, many already in progress, can be supported by a greater number of Albertans working collectively through technology and grassroots community building. We'll share some important Drawdown actions that participants can take right away and how you can join the Drawdown Alberta community.

Solutions to climate change already exist. This workshop is for people of all ages and interests who would like specific information about what those solutions are and how to support their implementation in Alberta.

You can expect to leave this workshop with

  • an understanding of Project Drawdown and how it relates to other climate movements
  • an introduction to Drawdown Alberta members and a shared vision for growing this solutions-focussed community in Alberta
  • simple actions you can take to help move towards Drawdown, including how you can join Drawdown Alberta


  • Terry Lin Fedorus is Co-founder of The Sacred Circle Foundation for Reconciliation, holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Studies and Biology and is an Indigneous Educator and Knowledge Keeper.
  • Dr. Melanie Hoffman directs community climate solutions programs at the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science. Before becoming a mother, and working on Climate Solutions and YEG-CCS, an Edmonton youth civic engagement initiative, she served as science faculty member at the innovative Quest University Canada, Squamish, BC. Melanie holds a Ph.D. in inorganic materials chemistry from the University of Alberta.
  • Jenna Wenkoff, communications specialist, is a recent graduate of philosophy and communications who is passionate about preventing climate change. She is eager to help Alberta become a world leader in science-based climate solutions.
  • Natalie Odd is the executive director of the Alberta Environmental Network (AEN), a non-profit organization that connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. AEN is leading Drawdown Alberta and co-leading Defend Alberta Parks and Alberta Beyond Coal campaigns.