"Downstream" and "Our Land, My People" Film Screening for World Water Week

March 24, 2010 - 1:00am to 3:00am

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Downstream synopsis

At the heart of the multi-billion dollar Oil Sands industry in Alberta, a doctor’s career is jeopardized as he fights for the lives of the aboriginal people living and dying of rare cancers downstream from one of the most polluting operations in the world.

Our Land, My People synopsis

The documentary "Our Land, My People: The Struggle of the Lubicon Cree" follows Lubicon councillors, elders, and band members as they share with Amnesty International the impact of resource exploitation on their way of life and traditional economy. Over $14B has been extracted from Lubicon land, all going to outsiders, while destroying the traditional economy and livelihood of the Lubicon Cree.

Since the late 1970s, the Lubicon Cree, an Indigenous people in Alberta, Canada, have seen the land on which they depend transformed by logging and large-scale oil and gas extraction. The exploitation of Lubicon land has poisoned their once clean water, and leaves them without clean running water to this day.

"The many long decades of failure to respect the human rights of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in Northern Alberta have become one of Canada's and Alberta's most notorious human rights failings on the world stage," said Alex Neve, secretary-general of Amnesty International Canada.


This event is part of World Water Week in Edmonton


There will be events throughout the week, along with tabling on campus, including taste testing bottled water vs tap water, information on groups involved in World Water Week and ways to get involved in water issues.

Other events:

Monday, March 22, 6pm
Blue Gold: World Water Wars - Film Screening and Discussion
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Wednesday, March 24, 7pm
Alberta Water Markets Workshop
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Thursday, March 25, 6:30pm
International Water Issues Panel Discussion
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