Deliberative Democracy for a Changing Climate

November 17, 2011 - 1:30am to 3:30am


Join us for an engaging dialogue on the Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) approach to public engagement and how it is helping Alberta communities to have meaningful and collaborative conversations around the impacts of climate change. We'll identify positive actions that can be taken to mitigate the impacts and the opportunities that can be leveraged to strengthen our community and local economy.


Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD)

  • David Kahane - Executive Director
  • Nina Gales - Program Director

Pembina Institute

  • Jesse Rowe - Director, Sustainable Communities Group

ABCD argues that the traditional methods of consulting citizens through public hearings and government-hosted public open houses are not capturing a representative set of voices on important issues. Commonly, most people that participate in the regular methods of consultation are either from the group of the same ten people that are active on all things the government is doing and / or are there to represent a individual or group interest.

Alberta Climate Dialogue's main work is about using thoughtful engagement with citizens. Their work helps Elected Officials gather informed recommendations so that they can make important decisions. They've found that the really complex and difficult issues of our time require more voices to enter the conversation. And, that the decisions made to support a positive future are the ones that focus on the greater good of the community rather than a focus on special interests. 

Why does this matter? 

Elected Officials should not be the only people responsible for weighing trade-offs for really tough issues. Deliberative methods have been used successfully around the world to bring citizen values about difficult issues into the conversation and the results are transformational in those communities. We'll highlight the best of these methods and idenfity next steps for revitalizing public engagement.

For more info contact Rene Michalak at 403-986-7981



Room 2906
Red Deer College
Red Deer , AB