Conservation & Stewardship Tools Workshop

October 21, 2011 - 3:00pm to 10:00pm

There are many communities in Alberta that are striving to protect valued landscapes (wetlands, riparian areas, biodiversity, agricultural lands, etc.), whether urban or rural, community leaders are looking for tools and processes that make this possible. There are areas of high conservation value that have timber leases, grazing leases, and oil leases – the owners of these leases are also looking for tools to help them meet the expectations for stewardship and conservation.  This workshop series will explore various tools - including those defined by the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA).

These workshops are intended to advance the dialogue on establishing a suite of conservation tools in Alberta for the protection of valued landscapes in an open transparent process that is informed by a deliberative engagement of both  strategic industry and government leaders, landowners, environmental groups, and stewardship organizations.

Invited Speakers

  • Ken Nicole – Institute for Agriculture, Forestry & the Environment
  • Guy Greenway & Kim Good – Miistakis Institute
  • Marian Weber – Alberta Innovates
  • Gord Lehn – Alberta Forestry
  • Larry Simpson – Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Morris Seiferling – Alberta Government
  • Mark Anielski – University of Alberta


This is the first of a two-part workshop series that provides strategic opportunities to provide input into a suite of conservation tools for Alberta. We need to define the tools with the folks on the landscape that will ultimately use the tools – the process of defining these tools needs to be robust if we are to anticipate leadership on conservation in our communities on both private & public lands. This workshop series will explore the various tools in the box - identify key criteria and viable opportunities to apply conservation offset programs, easements, and the use of transfer of development credits to meet conservation objectives.


Hosted by the BRBC, this is the first workshop in a two-part series designed to engage a large public stakeholder community in south-central Alberta. These workshops will include informed deliberative dialogue about what works where and why, what needs to be developed in Alberta to meet our conservation objectives, and identify specific elements that are required to move forward to pilot/develop a conservation project.

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Contact Lisa Fox, Chair of the BRBC Legislation and Policy Committee and workshop Facilitator for more details: [email protected]


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