Connecting to the Grid: Alberta’s New Micro-Generation Regulations for Renewable Electricity

April 22, 2009 - 1:00am

Gordon Howell, P.Eng.
Howell-Mayhew Engineering

A new set of regulations went into effect last January 1 that made it much easier to connect your solar electric, microwind electric, or other low-emission micro-generator to the electric grid and to sell your excess electricity to your energy retailer. What do the new regulations mean to us? How do we use them? Are they as easy as they sound? Will they allow us to generate all our own electricity? What price will we get paid for our electricity? Can we make money at it? What will our electricity bill look like? What do you do if your electric wires company says “no”? Come hear an expert on connecting micropower to the grid explain how they work for you. See info at

Gordon Howell is an electrical engineer specialising in grid-connected solar electricity (PV). His passion is in empowering people to prepare for the energy and environmental issues now upon us; and to understand how solar PV systems can provide them with their own electricity.

In 1995 the solar PV system on his house (sponsored by EPCOR and Natural Resources Canada) was the first one connected to the grid west of Toronto and the 12th one in Canada. His work on international solar PV standards has helped him understand how other countries have resolved the barriers to grid-connection. He has participated in committees to update Alberta’s grid-connection process, update the CSA’s Canadian Electrical Code and write the CSA’s standard for grid-connection.

Parking: $6 underground; $3 surface lot around Building #105; free on the street.

Free presentation. Free refreshments at 6:30 pm.
Open to the public. No registration needed.

Presented by

Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc.
Northern Alberta Chapter

Grant MacEwan College


Grant MacEwan College — CN Theatre Rm 5-142
10700 104 Avenue
Edmonton , AB