Clone of A Climate of Change - Episode 10: Brandy Burdeniuk

June 25, 2020 - 7:05pm

From the Calgary Climate Hub website:

Join us for our new weekly speaker series about what comes next as it relates to our country, the economic system and the climate crisis once the coronovirus has come and gone. Each week, Canadian thought leaders will answer three questions:

  1. What are your top three 'teachable moments' from this time?
  2. Big picture: What can we expect of a post-COVID-19 world?
  3. What does Alberta look like on the other side of this and what would be optimal?

There will be time for Q&A. 

We go live at 7:05 so you can continue showing your support for medical and front-line workers.

Our tenth speaker is Brandy Burdeniuk, Chief Customer Officer of Green Business Certification Inc. Canada (GBCI Canada). Brandy is responsible for identifying and securing new business for GBCI Canada's service offerings nationally including: LEED, Investor Confidence Project (ICP), Parksmart, SITES, & TRUE Zero Waste Certification. As part of GBCI Canada’s senior management team she oversees the planning and execution of business development and sales strategies; short and long-term research and market analysis; and securing and closing new business and funding opportunities. As a senior ambassador, she is responsible for establishing a persistent customer-first approach while developing and growing strategic partnerships and relationships with industry and government.

As an executive, industrial designer, entrepreneur and troublemaker Brandy has worked with leading designers, businesses, institutions & governments to excite them about creating, living, working, and thriving in healthy sustainable buildings.

We’ll be broadcasting to you via Facebook Live where you can participate in the night’s conversation by asking the questions you think need answering via the live-feed. Or, you can sign up for a Zoom link.

Our speaker lineup:

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