Car Sharing Cooperatives: How they work

March 13, 2009 - 1:30am

Free Workshop

Alert to the growing need to take practical action on climate change emissions from Canada’s transportation sector and to reduce household expenses associated with owning a car, the Canadian Cooperative Association and the Car-Sharing Coop of Edmonton is pleased to announce a public awareness and education meeting on car-sharing cooperatives.

Tanya Paz from the Vancouver’s Co-operative Auto Network will speak about car sharing and Mark Goldblatt from the Canadian Co-operative Association will discuss the co-operative alternative

Car sharing is analogous to time-sharing a vacation property, where a group of owners jointly owns and manages an asset for their common benefit. Utilizing the tools and structure of a cooperative, a fleet of vehicles can be managed to provide access to car-based mobility, reduce the economic burden of private vehicle ownership, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions overall.

The goal of this event is to educate Edmontonians on the opportunities cooperatives and car-sharing offer for efficient and economical mobility, and to inspire the creation of new car-sharing organizations in our City.

Contacts: [email protected]


Room 9-315, Robbins Health Learning Centre
Grant MacEwan City Centre Campus (northwest corner, 109 Street and 104 Avenue)
Edmonton , AB