Calgary Anarchist Bookfair

August 20, 2010 - 6:00am to August 21, 2010 - 6:00am

Anarchism is not just about wearing black or burning police cars - it is about daring to envision and create a society that is more than the impersonal, corporate, consumer culture that we now live in.

The Calgary Anarchist Bookfair is an annual event that brings people together so that they can meet others who challenge the destructive ways in which the world works, and through coming together, people can learn new ideas and build connections about envisioning and creating something more.  Radical ideas that one day will hopefully be commonplace will be discussed; after all, it was once considered a radical idea that women and black people are indeed people.

New ideas and ways of looking at social and environmental issues will not only be discussed at workshops (of which there will be plenty), but also expressed through films, vendors, and a keynote address. Vendors are coming from all over Western and Central Canada to peddle books, clothes, buttons, CDs that will provoke thought and encourage all people to consider what is outside and beyond the mainstream.  “I finally understood how gender is more complicated than just the man/woman divide after reading ‘Stone Butch Blues,’ which I got at the Anarchist Bookfair last year,” said one anarchist bookfair attendee from 2009.

This year the Calgary Anarchist Bookfair has chosen a local speaker for its keynote speaker:  Xotchilt Sweedler. The title of her presentation is "The Importance of Building Community To Resist Capitalism."  The Bookfair acknowledges that people within the Calgary community have just as much wisdom and knowledge to impart as big name speakers do.  The Bookfair also recognizes that social and environmental change and justice is not always sensational or in the media: the simple acts of growing your own food in a community garden or caring for each other's children in a babysitting co-op has the power to change the world just as must heroic deeds and sensational acts do. Xotchilt Sweedler is a local community social justice advocate, and does a lot of work with groups like Women Together Ending Poverty. She is originally from El Salvador and was involved in the revolution there. While too often people work hard for social and environmental change without recognition, the Bookfair would like to recognize Sweedler for the work she has done and listen to what she has to say.

All workshops, films, and the keynote address at the Calgary Anarchist Bookfair are free events.  The Bookfair is being held at the Calgary Rehabilitation Society in Bridgeland (7 - 11 St NE) on Friday August 20 from 3 to 8 PM, and Saturday August 21 from 10 AM to 8 PM. The Keynote Address is on Friday August 20 at 8 PM. The People’s Prom, a dance party and the prom you always wanted happens on August 21 beginning at 9 PM and is $5 to $10 sliding scale. Details regarding workshops and the workshop schedule will be released once it has been finalized.

There are many options to learn more about the 2010 Calgary Anarchist Bookfair:

  1. the website
  2. search "Calgary Anarchist Bookfair" on Facebook
  3. email [email protected]
  4. call Lev Barbecue at 403-891-2749.


Calgary Rehabilitation Society in Bridgeland
7 11 Street NE
Calgary , AB