Bow River Flow

August 21, 2011 - 4:00pm to 11:00pm

30 Live Musical Acts; Cycling Culture; Fitness; Children's Activities; Road Art!

On Sunday, August 21 the two east-bound lanes of Memorial Drive NW from 10th Street to Centre, the underside of Centre Street, 2nd Avenue in Chinatown, and Eau Claire, will all be opened up to free participatory activities!

The Bow River Flow is an urban festival of human-powered transportation that celebrates healthy and resilient communities. Through citizen-led programming that incorporates cycling culture, local music and art, a kid's zone, participatory processions, fitness activities, and an appreciation of the Bow River, this event inspires Calgarians to contribute to our dynamic city.

This is Calgary's version of an event which emerged in the 1970s in Bogota, Columbia: Ciclovia.  Roads are re-purposed during under-utilized periods for biking, walking, and family festivities. Similar events have emerged in cities all over the world, from Winnipeg, to New York, to Melbourne.

These events allow cities to re-envision how public spaces, the largest of which in the city are roads, are regarded and used. It's about getting communities active and out celebrating local culture. They also connect to how we transport ourselves and allow an opening to acknowledge alternate forms of transportation.

At 4pm, a procession parade will leave from Memorial Drive and 7th Street NW. Any attendee can join during the procession.

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Memorial Drive, 2nd Avenue in Chinatown, Eau Claire Calgary , AB