Bikeology Festival

June 28, 2008 - 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Edmonton’s Wild Ride Festival


June 28 is the ultimate day for velo-love in Edmonton and you are invited to Beaver Hills House Park, Jasper Ave + 105th St. at noon. Stay til 5 p.m. when we call it a day. Best of all, ITS FREE!

What is Bikeology?

It is the science of how bike culture and velo-love can transform our lives and make our community stronger.

This festival is the result of some cycling folks noticing that the cycling community in Edmonton is quite segregated by type of cycling and wishing to offer a venue whereby all cyclists, indeed, everyone, can celebrate bicycles. For instance, the bike stores, the roadies, the fixies, the commuters, the couriers, the racers, the mountain bikers, the tourers all hang with their own kind. Sometimes the only common element is the bicycle even if, in each case, it’s use is somewhat different. It is also a recognition that Edmonton can provide similar cycling and bikey events that are available to other Canadians nationally, regardless of the climate, or, maybe, in spite of the climate.

After some deliberation, the Bikeology coordinators, or Bike Gears as we call ourselves, decided that we would hold events for Bike Month in and around the core of Edmonton, and our festival would remain at Beaver Hills House Park (105 Street and Jasper Avenue). We have chosen Beaver Hills House Park as it is a central location AND it has fabulous bike sculpture, made by Lynn Malin and Elizabeth Bowering Beauchamp. The sculpture consists of five stationary bicycles topped with poles and whirligigs, which are operated by pedaling. The bikes are constructed out of found iron objects such as bedsteads, gates, balcony railings and fabricated iron and steel components as well as actual bike parts.

Bikeology this year will be having many of the old favourites and some new events:

  • Local musicians powered by Solar Energy Society’s solar panels
  • Bike-nic poetry and other ’spoke’n word
  • children’s entertainment
  • craft table for all-ages bike bling
  • local stores’ information booths
  • pedal powered smoothies
  • free mechanic tune ups
  • eco fair
  • wide range of bike information and bike enthusiast to chat with
  • scavenger hunt
  • self-guided tours of historic downtown Edmonton
  • quizzes and prizes
  • more prizes!

Bring your bike, there’ll be plenty o’ bike parking AND free mechanical checks.

See you there!


Beaver Hills House Park
105 Street and Jasper Avenue
Edmonton , AB