Art as Activism, Public Art, and Artist as Citizen

May 21, 2010 - 1:00am to 3:00am

Public Speakers Series

Oil & The Arts: Creative Responses to the Energy Economy

How do oil and art mix? How are visual artists, performance artists, and writers responding to the oil and energy economy? How are artists and curators representing, documenting, and archiving Alberta’s oil economy? What is the role of public art in contemplating the issues arising from Alberta’s oil economy? This speaker series will feature local and international artists, activists, and critics whose creative work addresses these questions and responds to the energy economy.

May 20: Art as Activism, Public Art, and Artist as Citizen
Brenda Kim Christiansen, Painter, Artist, Edmonton
Sherri Chaba, Artist, Edmonton
Ian Mulder, Muralist, Edmonton


Natural Resources Engineering Facility (NRE) 1-001
University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB