Approaching Net Zero Energy at the Lowest Possible Cost: A Step-by-Step Path

April 15, 2010 - 1:00am

Peter Amerongen, Habitat Studio and Workshop Ltd.

Free presentation and discussion. Free refreshments at 6:30 pm

Getting as close as possible to Net Zero Energy here on the northern prairies can be a daunting and expensive challenge. With our cold weather and long winter nights it requires a careful blend of conservation in all its forms, passive and active solar collection, as well as solar electricity.

Having worked through the obstacles to net zero energy for three successful projects to date Peter Amerongen, of Habitat Studio and Workshop Ltd, has begun to identify a logical series of steps for designing for maximum net energy reduction at the lowest incremental cost. The sequence that he will present will apply as well to net zero ready and near zero projects.

Peter Amerongen is the President of Habitat Studio & Workshop Ltd. Habitat Studio has built allhouses built or under construction. In the drive to achieve ultra energy efficiency in the most cost effective manner, Habitat has developed a methodology and a number of details and techniques that have broad application. three of Edmonton’s net zero energy houses to date and has 6 other near net zero energy


CN Theatre Rm 5-142
Grant MacEwan University — 105 Street Building (105 Street and 105 Avenue)
Edmonton , AB