AEN Dialogue & Drinks: The Big Picture with Evan Osenton

June 24, 2017 - 1:00am

with Evan Osenton, editor Alberta Views Magazine

Join members of environmental groups from around the province in an interactive discussion about the "The Big Picture" for the environmental movement in Alberta.

What are the environmental trends in Alberta? What progress is being made? What are our prospects? What are our strengths as an environmental community? What is holding us back from achieving our goals? What are the barriers we encounter? What are the root causes of the challenges and difficulties Alberta ENGOs face? Why are Alberta ENGOs generally not being heard or having influence?

Evan Osenton, the Editor of Alberta Views magazine, will speak briefly, followed by a Q & A session and informal, interactive discussions with and amongst attendees. 

Amongst other topics, Evan will address

  • How the NDP was elected and how the 2015 election was different.
  • What's changed with an NDP government (and what hasn’t).
  • How the NDP has governed differently (and how they’re the same).
  • Their challenges (their unique challenges and those every Alberta government faces).
  • What the future holds.

Registration is not required, but is recommended.

This public event is part of the Alberta Environmental Network's 2017 Spring Assembly


The Library, Devaney's on Campus
11113 87 Avenue NW
Edmonton , AB