Action Alert: Say no to re-zoning of Edmonton’s prime agricultural land!

November 13, 2008 - 1:45am

Greater Edmonton Alliance

Come to City Hall for public hearings on Wednesday, November 12th at 6:45pm and let city council know Edmonton wants Food Security for the downtown!

Northeast Edmonton has a unique microclimate and contains the best soils in the province. Presently it is home to a number of market gardens supplying home-grown vegetables and fruits to Edmonton’s downtown and beyond. In a world that is increasingly becoming more unstable, it is important that our decision makers look out for our community health and our security. Paving over some of our best agricultural land for unfettered industrial developments is not smart for sustainable community development.

Even though the current Municipal Development Plan speaks to issues of water, energy, transportation and even disaster management, it does not explicitly speak to concerns around food security. We need to demonstrate to city council that local food production, food security and local healthy food are issues that need to be considered!

We need action now! Before the prime agricultural and horticulture land is developed!This is an issue that will impact our region & local food production for the rest of our lives! It may well be the most important decision this city council faces!

In order to stand up for us, our City Councilors need to know we're behind them, and also holding them accountable. We need council chambers full of concerned citizens.

Please attend and bring anyone you can to the Public Hearing at City Hall Wednesday, Nov. 12, 6:45pm – 8pm!

We realize people are busy, but this is a really important action to take for the future security ofEdmonton. Once this land is gone (rezoned for development), there is no turning back. We need to take action now!

This is going to be difficult campaign to win. We need as many groups and individuals to show their support of this request to city council.

If you can not attend, please call your city councillor!

Ward 1

  • Karen Leibovici 780-496-8120
  • Linda Sloan 780-496-8122

Ward 2

  • Ron Hayter 780-496-8128
  • Kim Krushell 780-496-8136

Ward 3

  • Ed Gibbons 780-496-8138
  • Tony Catarina 780-496-8333


Ward 4

  • Jane Batty 780-496-8140
  • Ben Henderson 780-496-8146

Ward 5

  • Bryan Anderson 780-496-8130
  • Don Iveson 780-496-8132

Ward 6

  • Amarjeet Sohi 780-496-8148
  • Dave Thiele 780-496-8142

For info call: 780 432-1622
Greater Edmonton Alliance

This is not just an Edmonton issue, it is a regional issue, even if you do not live within our city limits, please attend the hearing! Feel free to bring your children, your spouses and your neighbours.

Stand up for local farming!
…when it's gone
…it's gone!

Call your City Councillor and tell them that this land is important to our city's food security- for this generation and the next.

Public Hearings
Edmonton City Council
7 pm Wednesday, Nov. 12
City Hall


City Hall Council Chambers
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton , AB