Riparian Land Conservation and Management Project Team

Project Team Member
Riparian Land Conservation and Management Project Team
Application Deadline: 
27 Jul 2011

The purpose of this initiative is to enhance knowledge and provide recommendations for effective conservation and management of riparian lands in support of Water for Life goals. The Project Team will work to gain an understanding of the current state of riparian lands, management, and stewardship in Alberta and the riparian management and stewardship “best practices” of other jurisdictions.

In addition, the project will also evaluate the current state of riparian lands, management, and stewardship against the needs of all relevant sectors and propose recommendations to improve riparian land conservation and management in Alberta.

Time Commitment: 

The expected commitment for this Project Team is approximately 15 months:

● The first team meeting will likely happen during the beginning of September, with pre-meeting materials being distributed a week or two ahead
● Monthly meetings in person, several conference calls, and email review of materials throughout the project timeframe

Expenses & Honoraria: 

Expense reimbursement and honoraria are available in accordance with the remuneration guidelines of the Alberta Water Council.

Selection Criteria: 

AEN is seeking individuals with:

● Knowledge about water, watershed function, and sector use of water
● A good understanding of riparian land conservation and management
● An interest in this issue (deal makers, deal breakers, implementers)
● Time required to complete the work of the Council
● Respect for the opinions and experience of others
● Ability to represent the interests of their sector while working creatively and constructively with others towards a common goal
● Delegate does not have to be an Alberta Water Council Director or Alternate

Purpose and Tasks:

● Represent the interests of the environmental sector
● Report regularly to the AEN Water Caucus (monthly)
● Follow the rules and principles of consensus decision making
● Make constructive contributions that advance the team’s goals and objectives, and help others to do the same
● Via the AEN Water Caucus, brief AWC’s ENGO Director(s) regularly, including prior to the team’s report and recommendations being presented to the Board
● As appropriate, participate in briefing AWC Directors and Alternates in their broad category
● Liaise with ENGO participants on the AWC Board and other Council teams to maximize synergy, ensure coordination, and prevent duplication by keeping each other informed.

Application Instructions: 

Please reply to the AEN office ([email protected]) by July 27, 2011 at 5:00pm providing:

● your contact information (including address, email, and phone number)
● the name of the AEN member-group in-good-standing which you will represent
● a brief description of your background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria (1-2 pages), may include resume also.