Call for Delegates: ENGO Sector Members, Coal-fired Generation Climate Change Policy Review

ENGO Sector Member and Alternate
Coal-fired Generation Climate Change Policy Review
Application Deadline: 
11 Mar 2015

Alberta Energy and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) are looking for one representative and an alternate to participate as member(s) in its coal climate policy review process. ESRD and Alberta Energy are in the process of reviewing additional options for meeting or exceeding the environmental outcomes set out in the CASA framework, the federal coal regulation, and the Alberta Specified Gas Emitters Regulation.  The climate policy review will include two teams: an analytics team to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis, and a policy analysis team that will refine the policy options available to inform the analysis team. The policy analysis team will also be reviewing the outcomes of the analytics team. In addition, a higher-level CEO or designate and Assistant Deputy Minister group will review the outputs of the analytics and policy teams to confirm the recommendations going forward to government. All teams will operate on a non-consensus basis and will have members from the Government of Alberta, industry, the Alberta Electric System Operator and the Market Surveillance Administrator. The request is for ENGO participation at the policy analysis team and the final review group consisting of CEO or designates and Assistant Deputy Ministers from the Government of Alberta.  

Roles and Responsibilities of Coal Climate Policy Review Members

  • Participate actively in meetings
  • Provide advice to ESRD and Alberta Energy regarding the proposed policy approaches
  • Provide sectoral perspectives rather than individual interests
  • Work in collaboration with other stakeholders
  • Provide advice on key deliverables

The role of the policy analysis team and the full timelines will be discussed at the first meeting.

Time Commitment: 

The group will meet on a full time or near full time basis for approximately three weeks commencing March 9. The representative will also dedicate preparation time including reading advance materials.

Expenses & Honoraria: 

Honoraria and reimbursement of travel expenses are available from the AEN in accordance with the conditions and criteria set out in Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development contract with the AEN for the provision of delegate engagement support.

Selection Criteria: 

The representative should also have the following attributes:

  • Be knowledgeable generally about climate change policy and specifically the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation and the federal coal-fired greenhouse gas regulation. 
  • Be knowledgeable about air quality and air quality issues as they apply to the electricity sector. 
  • Have a deep knowledge of the CASA Electricity Framework and its expectations for coal-fired power plants at the end of their design life.
  • Can represent the interests of their sector while working creatively and constructively with others towards a common goal.
  • Can effectively communicate the work of the review team to others in their sector.
  • Can allocate the time required to complete the work within tight timelines.
  • Respect the opinions and experience of other members.  
  • Build consensus to the extent possible.
  • Bring a wider perspective to the review team than just that of their organization, or their sector.
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to the environmental stewardship and promotion of air quality improvement.
Application Instructions: 

Please reply to [email protected] by Wednesday, March 11, 2015 providing:

  • Contact information of applicant (including address, email, and phone number);
  • The name of the AEN member-group(s) in-good-standing being represented by the applicant;
  • A brief description of the applicant’s background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria 

NOTE: Delegates may include a resume as additional information but not in the place of the other information requested.