Call for Delegates: ENGO Delegates, Confined Feeding Operations Project Implementation Working Group

ENGO Delegates
Confined Feeding Operations Project Implementation Working Group
Application Deadline: 
19 Apr 2010

In 2008 the Confined Feeding Operations (CFO) Project Team developed 10 recommendations to improve the management of air emissions from existing and future CFOs in Alberta, and to improve relationships between stakeholders.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) has led the implementation of these recommendations. ARD has requested that a multi-stakeholder implementation team be established to serve as a liaison between the CASA board, the CFO recommendation implementers, and the former CFO project team.

In addition to this liaison role, the team will also oversee the remaining implementation of the 2008 recommendations.

AEN is seeking up to 2 qualified ENGO delegates to serve on a working group to develop terms of reference and a workplan for the CFO Project Implementation Team.

Time Commitment: 

The working group is expected to complete its tasks in no more than two full-day meetings. Meetings will convene in either Edmonton or Calgary.

Expenses & Honoraria: 

CASA’s Stakeholder Support Policy will be in effect.

Selection Criteria: 

  1. Authorized member of an AEN member group in-good-standing
  2. Effective knowledge of the 2008 CFO Project Team recommendations
  3. Commitment to participate in AEN Caucus communications

Application Instructions: 

Interested AEN member group representatives are invited to submit a statement of interest, with reference to the delegate criteria above, to [email protected] by 10am, April 19th, 2010.