Call for Delegates: Capital Region Air Quality Management Framework Oversight Advisory Committee

ENGO Delegate and Alternate
Oversight Advisory Committee for the Capital Region Air Quality Management Framework
Application Deadline: 
15 Feb 2013

Since 2007, Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development has worked collaboratively with stakeholders to develop cumulative effects management frameworks that address intensifying pressures of population growth and economic and industrial development. In 2010, Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development called upon stakeholders (including municipalities, industry, non-governmental organizations, airsheds and federal and provincial governments) to develop a regional approach for ambient air quality management in the Capital Region to address four main air contaminants of concern in the region: nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, fine particulate matter and ozone. The Capital Region Air Quality Management Framework uses four levels to set management and investigation triggers, which signal the need for specific action at a regional or local scale before pollutants reach or exceed levels that are harmful to human or environmental health.

An Oversight Advisory Committee was formed to provide strategic advice to Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development to implement the framework. The first phase of implementation focuses on taking action on priority issues and building the management components as outlined within the framework.

Purpose and Tasks:

The Oversight Advisory Committee will be strategic in nature, and will be responsible for advising Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development on the implementation of the Capital Region Air Quality Management Framework and its associated components. For 2012-13, the following are identified, but may be refined as work proceeds:

  • Review of regional monitoring design to support implementation.
  • The process to focus on priority issues, such as fine particulate matter and ozone, as well as ‘testing’ of key concepts.
  • Framework evaluation process, including supporting performance measures.
  • Rationalization of Capital Region air initiatives currently underway.
  • Communication and engagement, to expand stakeholder understanding and participation.
  • Reporting, including review of the Assessment Summary Report (as prepared by Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development) and preparation of the first annual Status Report.
  • Other topics, as required.
Time Commitment: 

The next meeting will be held on March 12, 2013 from 10:00 am- 3:00 pm in Edmonton, Alberta. At this meeting, any future requirements will be confirmed. There is potential for extension to two year term (March 2013- March 2015). Quarterly meetings will be scheduled for March, June, September, and December. More frequent meetings may be necessary to resources sub-committees or additional work required by the Oversight Advisory Committee. Members will require approximately one day of preparation for each meeting. Delegates should be prepared to commit a minimum of eight (8) days per year. All meetings will be held in the Capital Region area.

Expenses & Honoraria: 

Expense reimbursement and honoraria are available in accordance with the remuneration guidelines of a Government of Alberta Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Selection Criteria: 

ESRD is seeking a delegate who:

  • Understands and accepts the delegate expectations listed below.
  • Is familiar with air quality management and comfortable with technical air quality information (experience in the Capital Region/Edmonton area an asset.)
  • Can provide strategic advice to Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development regarding the implementation of the Capital Region Framework.
  • Has experience in multi-stakeholder decision making and providing recommendations.
  • Is a member of a reputable environmental organization with experience in air quality management.
  • Committed to effectively provide two-way communication between the Committee and the environmental group of which they are a member (ie, organization, Clean Air Causcus, other)
  • Has familiarity with or past-participation in Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development and/or Clean Air Strategic Alliance processes.
  • Membership in an AEN member-group in good standing.
  • Proven ability to participate, work professionally, constructively and collaboratively with other stakeholders and with government representatives.
  • Respectful of timelines and commitment to the process.

Delegate Expectations:

  • Prompt establishment of delegate letter of agreement with Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development.
  • Make own travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Review and analyse background documents provided associated with the Committee agenda.
  • Provide input at the meetings, and in writing following the meetings, as requested.
  • Provide feedback to and from the ENGO constituent community.
Application Instructions: 

Please reply to the AEN office ([email protected]) by February 15, 2013 at 17:00 providing:

  • Your contact information (including address, email, and phone number.)
  • The name of the AEN member-group in-good-standing which you will represent.
  • A brief description of your background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria (1-2 pages), may include resume also.

Selection Process:

Applications submitted in accordance with instructions will be reviewed by the Clean Air & Energy Caucus for a democratic selection process at a Clean Air & Energy Caucus teleconference during the last week of February 2013.