Call for Delegates: Board of Directors, Beverage Container Management Board

Public Member
Board of Directors
Application Deadline: 
27 Apr 2015

The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) is responsible for the collection and recycling of beverage containers throughout Alberta.

The BCMB is a not-for-profit association consisting of representatives of Alberta beverage manufacturers, container depots and the public (environmental organizations, municipalities and interested citizens). The BCMB was established through the Beverage Container Recycling Regulation, which was enacted under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the organization’s bylaws. Since its inception on December 1, 1997, the BCMB has worked to ensure that Albertans have access to a convenient and cost-effective system for recycling used beverage containers.

The BCMB is a Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO), an arm’s length organization that has delegated government authority under the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to impose requirements on recycling program stakeholders. DAOs are unique – a range of stakeholders are encouraged to participate, including industry, government and the public. These parties are primarily involved in program stewardship through appointments to the Board of Directors.

One Public Member position on the Board of Directors is reserved for a designee of the Alberta Environmental Network. The current AEN-nominated Director’s 3-year term expires this spring.

Time Commitment: 
  • The BCMB has five full day Board meetings a year;
  • One three day business planning session in September;
  • All Directors are required to sit on at least one committee. Committees meet approximately five times a year (could be more depending on issues at hand). Some committees are full day meetings, others half day meetings;
  • There may be other requests of Directors to attend educational sessions on topics of importance and/or tours and events in industry;
  • Preparation for meetings could be considered intensive and is described by the Board Chair as a time commitment at least equally the length of the meeting you are attending (six hours preparation for a six hour meeting).
Expenses & Honoraria: 

Directors are paid an honorarium for Board and Committee meetings. Relevant travel and other expenses will be reimbursed.

Selection Criteria: 

Candidates should:

  • have governance experience;
  • be highly motivated to work in a team environment;
  • be familiar with recycling industry/issues;
  • be an effective advocate for waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation;
  • have connections to the ENGO community and be able to provide appropriate feedback to the AEN, to the ENGO community at large, and to the BCMB Board.
Application Instructions: 

Please reply to [email protected] by Monday, April 27, 2015 providing a letter that includes the following:

  • The name of the AEN member group nominating the applicant;
  • Contact information of applicant (including address, email, and phone number);
  • A brief description of the applicant’s background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria;
  • A brief statement of the applicant’s and their group’s interest in serving on the BCMB.

NOTE: Delegates may include a resume as additional information but not in the place of the other information requested.

A selection committee comprising members of the Toxics & Waste Avoidance Caucus and the AEN Board of Directors will choose a nominee from the applications received.