Call for Delegates: Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative Stakeholder Workshop

Stakeholder Workshop Delegates (5)
Penn Program on Regulation’s “Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative”
Application Deadline: 
19 Mar 2015

University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Penn Program on Regulation (PPR) was selected by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) of Canada to lead a major, independent initiative defining and measuring regulatory excellence.

Drawing on public consultation as well as analysis from experts across the University of Pennsylvania and other leading researchers from around the world, the Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative will generate a framework for identifying and achieving important organizational, legal, policy, and deliberative responsibilities facing energy regulators and other regulatory authorities around the world.

There will be three major dialogue sessions this spring designed to foster structured deliberation on regulatory excellence involving a cross-section of internationally recognized experts in regulatory excellence as well as a diverse set of interested stakeholders.  Each of these sessions will be followed by the public release of a detailed report synthesizing the key issues discussed, the main themes from each dialogue, and the perspectives shared and trade-offs identified.

The Initiative will culminate in a final convenor’s report to be presented this summer to the Alberta Energy Regulator’s senior leadership and its board detailing the Initiative’s independent findings and recommendations.  Before it is finalized, a draft of the report will be subjected to a peer review workshop to be held in Philadelphia that will involve a diverse group of additional experts on regulation from around the world.

The Best-in-Class Initiative will explore the core attributes of regulatory excellence so as to develop a forward-looking, generalizable framework.  It is not intended as an evaluation of the AER’s current or past performance, but instead aims to identify evidence-based metrics and methodologies that the AER or any regulatory authority could use to guide its management and decision-making.

The final convenor’s report and other papers produced as part of this initiative will be made public on our “Papers and Reports” page, and we welcome your insights and feedback as the Initiative progresses.

Purpose and Tasks

1. Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative Alberta Dialogue, Calgary, Alberta

This meeting will be held on April 12-14, 2015, in Calgary and will bring together a diverse group of up to eighty representatives from the Alberta public. Invited attendees will include representatives of the following groups: landowners, industry, environmental groups, Aboriginal peoples, municipal officials, academic experts, and other concerned citizens. The dialogue will combine plenary panel discussions with small-group breakout discussions. The plenary session will be webcast and social media will be incorporated to support the dialogue.

2. Pre-Dialogue Session Coordination and Planning Meeting

This meeting will be held the morning of April 7 in Edmonton and will be an opportunity for the selected delegates to hold a coordination and planning meeting in advance of participating in the BiC Alberta Dialogue meeting.

Time Commitment: 

Half-day workshop for selected delegates will be held in-person (and via conference call)  morning of April 7 in Edmonton, Alberta.

The two+ day workshop will be held on from the evening of April 12 to noon April 14 (full schedule to be be confirmed) in Calgary, Alberta. Approximately one week before the workshop, participants will be provided with materials to help prepare for the workshop (likely a few hours of preparation time required).

Expenses & Honoraria: 

Delegate engagement support (honoraria and travel expenses) is available in accordance with the schedule in Part B of the AEN-AER Service Agreement (14SA-SG002). Please contact the AEN office for full details.

Selection Criteria: 

The AER is seeking a delegate who: 

  • Understands and accepts the delegate expectations listed below. 
  • Is available for both the pre-dialogue session and the 2+ day Alberta Dialogue session. 
  • Proven ability to participate, work professionally, constructively and collaboratively with other stakeholders  and with government representatives. 
  • Is familiar with regulatory practices, decisions and activities in Alberta, and other jurisdictions. The regulatory experience is not limited to the oil and gas sector.
  • Can provide the Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative input on the key attributes, outcomes and processes with respect to environmental and other critical aspects.
  • Is a member of a reputable environmental organization with experience in regulatory activities, practices and engagements stakeholder engagements associated with natural resource and environment issues. 
  • Has experience in multi-stakeholder decision-making and providing recommendations. 
  • Committed to effectively represent the perspectives of AEN members regarding engagement in the policy development and assurance phases.

Delegate Expectations

  • Make own travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Review and analyze background documents provided for the pre-Dialogue meeting and Dialogue.
  • Attend both the pre-dialogue session and the 2+ day Alberta Dialogue while providing input in both sessions and in writing following the Dialogue sessions, as  requested.
  • Provide feedback to and from the ENGO constituent community including reporting back to the AEN on sessions
Application Instructions: 

Please reply to [email protected] by Thursday, March 19, 2015 providing:

  • Contact information of applicant (including address, email, and phone number);
  • The name of the AEN member-group(s) in-good-standing being represented by the applicant;
  • A brief description of the applicant’s background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria 

NOTE: Delegates may include a resume as additional information but not in the place of the other information requested.

A delegate selection committee comprising members of the AEN Board of Directors and AEN Caucus Chairs will review all applications and select the 5 delegates by March 26, 2015.