Call for Delegates: Alberta Energy Regulator Multi-stakeholder Engagement Advisory Committee

Member & Alternate Delegate
Multi-stakeholder Engagement Advisory Committee (MSEAC)
Application Deadline: 
8 Apr 2015


The AER Multi-stakeholder Engagement Advisory Committee (MSEAC) has been established by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) as a venue to receive information about and understand and verify the values, perspectives and interests of AER stakeholders in the context of regulatory changes. The MSEAC is not a formal board or AER committee. Its objective is to serve as a sounding board for the planning, implementation and evaluation of AER engagement related to regulatory development. 

The MSEAC is being established on a pilot basis for a one year term. Following its first year, the AER will evaluate the MSEAC’s effectiveness is fulfilling the above objectives. 


The MSEAC is established with the following mandate:

  • to provide a forum for AER stakeholders to be informed about proposed regulatory change initiatives of the AER;
  • to ensure the AER understands the values, perspectives and interests of its stakeholders in respect of proposed regulatory change initiatives;
  • to provide feedback from represented stakeholder groups to the AER on specific projects and topics;
  • to facilitate stakeholder input, where appropriate, on AER regulatory change initiatives; and
  • to foster and sustain strong working relationships between the AER and its key stakeholder groups.

For greater clarity, participation of MSEAC members in these processes is not intended to be a substitute for formal public AER stakeholder consultation in respect of regulatory initiatives.