Call for Delegate: Water Literacy Project Team, Alberta Water Council

Environmental Sector Delegate
Water Literacy Project Team
Application Deadline: 
11 Apr 2014

The purpose of this initiative is to enhance knowledge and provide recommendations for improved water literacy in Alberta. The project team will be developing a definition for water literacy; an inventory of existing programs and products for water literacy in Alberta; a review and evaluation of water literacy best practices from other jurisdictions; an assessment of water literacy levels among Albertans; and propose recommendations for improving water literacy in Alberta.

Time Commitment: 
  • The expected commitment for this Project Team is approximately 18-24 months 
  • Project Team commitment would include monthly meetings in person, several conference calls, and email review of materials throughout the project timeframe. 
  • Please note that the first meeting for this project will be the week of May 12-16 at the AWC office in Edmonton. Once the project team is assembled, members will be polled to arrange that first meeting.
Selection Criteria: 
  • Sectors should have an interest in this issue (deal makers, deal breakers, implementers) 
  • Representative does not have to be a Council Director or Alternate 
  • Representative needs to have characteristics described below, from Council’s Process Guidelines 
  • For this particular team, it would be beneficial if the representative already has a background in water literacy, water education or survey/assessment design work.

Expectations of Representative:

  • Represent a particular stakeholder organization or sector 
  • Have the time required to complete the work of the Council 
  • Report regularly to their sector 
  • Follow the rules and principles of consensus decision making 
  • Be knowledgeable about water, watershed function, and sector use of water 
  • Respect the opinions and experience of others 
  • Make constructive contributions that advance the team’s goals and objectives, and help others to do the same 
  • Brief their sector’s Director regularly, including prior to the team’s report and recommendations being presented to the Board 
  • As appropriate, participate in briefing Directors and Alternates in their broad category 
  • Liaise with their sector’s participants on the Board and other Council teams to maximize synergy, ensure coordination, and prevent duplication by keeping each other informed.
Application Instructions: 

Please provide a submission of interest to [email protected] by April 11, 2014 providing: 

  • Your contact information (including address, email, and phone number. 
  • The name of the AEN member group you represent. 
  • A summary description of your background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria. You are welcome to provide a resume but only in addition to the summary description.

There will be a delegate (member) selection for this project team at the next AEN Water Caucus meeting from Noon-1pm on Monday, April 14.

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