Call for Delegate: Canadian Environmental Network National Council

Alberta Representative
National Council
Application Deadline: 
15 Feb 2013

The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) is a regional affiliate of the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) which is a Canada-wide network, parallel in structure to the AEN, that works on environmental issues at a national and international level. Membership in the RCEN is automatically conferred on all members of regional affiliates such as the AEN.

As a regional affiliate, AEN is entitled to name a representative to the RCEN's National Council — the body of Voting Delegates at all Annual and Special General Meetings of the RCEN. The National Council is responsible for the election of the RCEN Board of Directors, making changes to the RCEN bylaws, hearing appeals of member groups against the decisions of the Board of Directors, and for generally ensuring that the mission and objectives of the RCEN and its member groups are pursued. The full responsibilities and duties of the RCEN National Council are described in Section 6 of the RCEN Bylaws (attached).

Purpose and Tasks:

The general responsibilities of the National Council Representative are as follows:

  • Attend the RCEN Annual General Meeting and all RCEN Special General Meetings as Voting Delegate on behalf of the membership of the AEN;
  • Bring the perspectives of the membership of the AEN to all discussions of the National Council;
  • Regularly report to and solicit feedback from the AEN Board of Directors and the AEN Members on the activities of the RCEN;


Time Commitment: 

A representative is sought to fulfill the final year of a three-year term which ends at the 2014 RCEN Annual General Meeting (see note below).

The National Council meets in person once per year. The RCEN Board of Directors is elected from the National Council and meets at least quarterly via teleconference. The Executive Committee is elected from the Board of Directors and meets monthly or as necessary via teleconference. National Council, Board and Executive Committee members are also expected to be active in committee work.

The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the RCEN will be held on March 2 in Toronto. The selected representative must be available to attend this meeting via teleconference (no funds are available to travel to the meeting in person). Prior to the AGM, the selected representative should review the proposed changes to the RCEN bylaws (attached) and any feedback received from AEN members on the proposed changes. If there is sufficient interest from the members, a teleconference call may be arranged during the week of February 25 to allow members to provide further feedback on the changes.

Note: The bylaw amendments that have been tabled for the 2 March 2013 Annual General Meeting include reform of the governance model that would dissolve the National Council. Should the bylaw amendments pass, and the National Council be dissolved, the selected applicant would continue their term representing the AEN as the Network's Voting Delegate to the RCEN.

Expenses & Honoraria: 

The National Council Representative receives no remuneration for their service. When necessary, reasonable travel expenses will be covered by the AEN or the RCEN.

Selection Criteria: 

Desired qualifications include:

  • Membership in an AEN member group in good standing;
  • Experience or expertise in environmental issues; 
  • Experience or expertise in non-profit management/governance; 
  • Familiarity and/or past-participation in RCEN processes; 
  • Commitment to effectively provide two-way communication between the RCEN and the Members & Board of the AEN.


Application Instructions: 

Please complete the attached Candidate Application and return to the AEN by email at [email protected] or mail:

Alberta Environmental Network
PO BOX 4541
Edmonton AB T6E 5G4

Applications must be received by end of day on 15 February 2013. The AEN Board of Directors will consider all applications received and select one representative during the week of 18 February 2013.