Alberta Water Council: Call for Members for New Team

Team to Identify Criteria for Areas of Significance
Application Deadline: 
11 Jun 2009

On June 4, the AB Water Council approved the launch of a Project Team – likely the only new one for the rest of 2009-2010, given budget constraints. AEN is being asked to nominate by this Friday June 12 a rep to a working group in June, and by end of June to nominate a rep (not necessarily the same person) to the Project Team from July to March 2010.

If you’re interested in representing AEN on the working group or project Team, please reply to Meghan [email protected] by noon Thursday June 11.

Project Focus

Team is to Identify Criteria for Areas of Significance for maintenance of aquatic ecosystem health. This was identified as a high priority step towards a broader source water protection/sensitive areas protection strategy by the Healthy Aquatic Ecosystem Team in their March 2009 report. Alberta Environment strongly supported a multi-stakeholder team moving forward on this topic.

Project Process

  • Form a working group to develop TOR, preferably with 2 people per ‘broad Council category’. Dug Major, WPAC rep, has already indicated he’s willing to be on the working group. Gord Edwards, E-D of Water Council, anticipates ENGOs will nominate someone for the working group too. TOR to be signed off by Water Council Board likely via e-mail at end of June.
  • Form a 4 member Steering Committee, one member per broad category, as sounding board for working group and Team. Members will be from sectors that do not have rep on working group or project Team. Will not approve anything that’s Council’s job. Will likely give feedback to working group/Team on TOR, key work plan issues such as RFP for lit. review and stakeholder consultation, and in final negotiation stretches. The NGO Steering Committee member will likely be Dave Kay, as Ducks won’t be on working group or project team.
  • Form a Project Team to work until March 2009 – Terry Sly will be Project Manager. Summer work will depend on availability of Team members.

Requested from AEN

By June 12, nominate a working group member to work until end of June. Must be available for June 17-18 meeting in Edmonton to develop TOR.

For July 2009 to March 2010, nominate a Project Team member (doesn’t have to be same person as on the working group, though that’s beneficial).

Time Commitment: 

Time Lines / Deadlines 

To be relevant to the South Saskatchewan River basin regional advisory council’s land use recommendations, the Team’s TOR and work has to proceed quickly.

June 12
  • Deadline for AEN nomination to working group
June 17-18
  • Edmonton working group meeting to develop project Terms of Reference
End of June
  • Sign off on TOR by Council, likely via e-mail
  • AEN nomination to Project Team (may or may not be same person as on working group)
March 2010
  • Team’s work complete, report to Water Council


  • Minimum 9-month project
  • Requires commitment through the summer months
  • Need name of member by June 12 to stay on-track, given timelines agreed to at board meeting
  • First team meeting will be June 17 and 18
    • This meeting will be the primary venue for developing the project Terms of Reference
Selection Criteria: 


  • Representative of a sector with an interest in this issue (deal maker, deal breaker or implementer)
  • Does not have to be Director or Alternate
  • Needs to have characteristics described below, from process guidelines


  • Represent a particular stakeholder organization or sector;
  • Make constructive contributions that advance the team’s goals and objectives, and help others to do the same;
  • Report regularly to their sector;
  • Brief their sector’s Director regularly, including prior to the team’s report and recommendations being presented to the Board;
  • As appropriate, participate in briefing Directors and Alternates in their broad category;
  • Liaise with their sector’s participants on the Board and other Council teams to maximize synergy, ensure coordination, and prevent duplication by keeping each other informed,
  • Follow the rules and principles of consensus decision making,
  • Be knowledgeable about water, watershed function and sector use of water,
  • Be able to represent the interests of their sector while working creatively and constructively with others towards a common goal,
  • Have the time required to complete the work of the Council, and
  • Respect the opinions and experience of others.
Application Instructions: 
If you’re interested in representing AEN on the working group or project Team, please reply to Meghan [email protected] by noon Thursday June 11.