Wildlands Advocate, August 2004

The August 2004 issue of Wild Lands Advocate is now
available at www.AlbertaWilderness.ca

Inside this issue:
Loving, Losing and Reclaiming Our Public Lands
by Dr. Shirley Bray
Having Fun Still Vital to the Cliff Wallis Approach to Conservation
by Andy Marshall

Alberta Wilderness Watch

  • "All Things To All People": Lakeland Today, But What About Tomorrow?
    By Dr. Ian Urquhart

  • Mining and Reclamation Problems on Wildlife Mecca of Caw Ridge

  • Saving Natural Capital in Alberta's Boreal - The NRTEE

  • "Ministerial Discretion" Put in Check in Castle Mountain Resort Decision

  • Whitehorse Wildland Park and Cheviot Mine: Exploring Issues and Options

  • Cheviot Mine Requires New Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Abraham Glacier Resort Denied Again!

  • Another Delay for Milk River Feasibility Study

  • Public Participation in Forest Planning in the Southeastern Slopes
    Participating in Water Politics

  • Clearwater-Christina Rivers Designated as Canadian Heritage Rivers

  • Secrecy Surrounding New Atrl-Lite Process

  • Howse Pass Highway Dream Lives On
    By Dr. Herb Kariel

  • Artificial Selection, Sustainable Hunting and Bighorn Sheep Conservation
    By Dr. Marco Festa-Bianchet

  • Dana Bush: Artist Draws on Scientific and Aesthetic Influences

Association News

  • A Tale from Molly's Mountain
    by William Davies
    Congratulations to William Davies, winner of this year's
    Wilderness Awareness Month writing contest

  • Open House Hikes Program

  • Open House Talks Program

  • Notice of Annual General Meeting

  • Annual Lecture and Awards

  • AWA Gala 2004