Which air pollutants concern you the most?

Alberta's Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act provides for the development of ambient air quality objectives. Public consultation is part of the process.

In 2000, Albertans were asked to nominate air pollutants for consideration for new or updated ambient air quality objectives. Alberta Environment is completing its first set of ambient air quality objectives identified through this process and is ready to consider more air pollutants for round two.

Add your voice to the process by nominating air pollutants that concern you the most.

Your nomination will be considered by a Clean Air Strategic Alliance committee with representatives from non-government organizations, industry and government, who will recommend the next set of air pollutants for new or updated ambient air quality objectives to Alberta Environment.

To request a nomination form or for more information please visit the CASA Web site at http://casahome.org, send an E-mail to [email protected]
or call (780) 427-9793. For toll-free access outside Edmonton call 310-0000 and listen to the prompts.

The deadline for nominations is September 7, 2004.