South Saskatchewan Regional Plan Workbook Deadline

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan
15 Jan 2010

The Government of Alberta is seeking input from Albertans on some of the important questions contained in the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan terms of reference. We are looking for input about:

  • Challenges in developing the region;
  • Lands which should be conserved;
  • What you think are high-value tourism and recreation areas;
  • Your views will provide important input for developing a regional plan in the South Saskatchewan Region.

You can fill out and submit a South Saskatchewan Regional Plan workbook at the following address: — Deadline for online submissions is January 15, 2010

So, if you have not filled out and submitted workbook, please do so. In addition, please pass this message to your colleagues and friends so that they have an opportunity to provide input. If you got this email from a friend or colleague, please provide your contact information if you wish to receive updates via email directly from the LUS office.