Second position check for ENGOs participating/interested in airsheds

CASA Airshed Zones Board Committee
2 Feb 2010

Dear Colleagues:

As you may be aware, a board committee of the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) has been working to clarify the relationships among the airsheds, the Alberta Airshed Council, and CASA as they pertain to the communications, information sharing, and air quality management responsibilities.

The Airshed Zones Board Committee (AZBC) is finalizing its recommendations to the CASA board. A draft of the AZBC report has previously been circulated to Clean Air Energy Caucus members by AZBC ENGO member, Bob Cameron (February 4th).

The following recommendations are in the report:

1. Individual Airshed Zones continue to provide the board with a written status update on an annual basis. Presentations from airshed zones to the CASA board should be made when situations where the airshed zone is requesting strategic advice from the board or has a specific issue that needs to be brought to the board’s attention.

2. When strategic issues arise that concern a number of airsheds, the Alberta Airsheds Council should take the lead in presenting the issue(s) to the CASA board.

3. The CASA secretariat consult with the AAC in advance of each CASA board meeting to review the agenda, discuss any items of significance to airsheds, and invite an AAC representative to attend the board meeting and contribute to those items.

4. A standing board/airshed committee be struck to respond to CASA/airshed issues on an on-going basis.

5. The CASA Executive Committee recommend to the CASA Board that they undertake a membership review in June in conjunction with the CASA Annual General Meeting.

These recommendations are expected to significantly improve the cooperation efficacy between CASA and the airsheds and are supported by ENGO AZBC members Bob Cameron and Myles Kitagawa.

Action: if you have any concerns that would block these recommendations, please contact Bob or Myles immediately. Committee member sign-off deadline is February 10th. (While blocking concerns are vital, any supportive commentary is also very welcomed.)