RCEN E-Bulletin — 21 January 2009

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Network News — January 21st, 2009

A Guide to the Environmental Petitions Process

This week, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development announced the publication of Getting Answers: A Guide to the Environmental Petitions Process. The federal environmental petitions process was established to provide a formal means for Canadians to bring their concerns about environmental issues to the attention of federal ministers and departments.

This new 27-page guide explains the purpose and mechanics of the process, describes the scope of requests that can be made within petitions, and provides guidance on how to write and submit a well-designed petition.

Exploring Ways to Share Your Stories

This year, the RCEN is exploring new ways for members to share their stories and experiences with other environmental groups across Canada. Already, one member in Edmonton has suggested that we feature photo slide shows or a video wall on our website, showcasing each group’s activities.

Take a moment to send us your ideas by email at [email protected]. In February, we will post your suggestions in the e-Bulletin and let you vote on which ones you think are best.

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