RCEN E-Bulletin — 11 March 2009

Network News — March 11th, 2009

Ontario Bans Cosmetic Pesticides

Taking effect on April 22nd, Ontario's cosmetic pesticides ban will prevent over 250 pesticides from being used for cosmetic purposes on lawns, vegetable and ornamental gardens, patios, driveways, cemeteries, and in parks and school yards. The provincial ban supersedes local municipal pesticides bylaws to create one clear, transparent and understandable set of rules across the province. With last week’s announcement, Ontario now joins Quebec in banning the use of cosmetic pesticides. See this week’s Action Alert to voice your support for strong regulations in your province.

Environmental Enforcement Act introduced by Government

Last week, the Federal Government introduced Bill C-16 The Environmental Enforcement Act, which proposes to amend the fines, sentencing provisions and enforcement tools of six Environment Canada administered statutes and three Parks Canada administered statutes. The Bill also introduces a new Act – the Environmental Violations Administrative Monetary Penalties Act, which would authorize the use of administrative monetary penalties for infractions under several environmental Acts. An overview of the Bill is available at www.ec.gc.ca.

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