Protecting the Shortjaw Cisco

The AEN has received a letter from DFO regarding potential protection of the Shortjaw Cisco under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA).

The Shortjaw Cisco (also known as tulibee or chub) was once an important part of the fisheries on the Great Lakes, Lake Nipigon and Lake Winnipeg, but this is no longer a directed fishery for this species. It has been designated as "threatened" by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, which has recommneded that the Shortjaw Cisco be added to the list of species receiving protection under SARA.

Federal government policy prequires that individuals and organizations have an opportunity to provide their views before a decision is made to add a species to the SARA list.

If the Shortjaw Cisco is added to the list, it will be illegal to harm the species or its habitat. As well, a recovery strategy would have to be developed.

A Species at Risk consultation document, including a form to submit comments has been posted at A hard copy of the document and comment form is also available by calling 204.984.0599. Comment deadline is November 15th.

Additional information is available at: