New Enviro Ed Course Opportunity at U of A

EDPS 401/501: Environmental and Sustainability Education

Offered: Tuesdays and Thursdays May 5-June 9, 2009, 6 pm to 9 pm
Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Lange, Dept of Educational Policy Studies, Faculty of Education

This primary purpose of this senior undergraduate and graduate course is to provide a contextual and critical analysis of the history of environmental and sustainability education from a global perspective. It is relevant for all those who work in an educational capacity, K-12 or adult, related to environmental and sustainability issues and who wish to foster citizen engagement. If you are considering registering, you are encouraged to do so before April 1. Please email [email protected] for a more detailed description.

We hope you will consider joining us!

Elizabeth A. Lange, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Policy Studies
Faculty of Education
University of Alberta